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First Coffee Group

Sometimes I have these little ideas and I don’t know if they’re good or terrible til I put them out there. Last year I had one of these ideas… what if I invited a coffee group to my studio, gave them morning tea, and they chatted while I photographed their babies?  I put it out there and found a group that were keen straight away. On the morning of their session I suddenly thought… what on earth have I done, six babies!?! What if they all scream the whole time!

I couldn’t have been luckier, they were the six happiest, smiliest most gorgeous babies with lovely, easy-going Mums and I loved every second of it and every group since – I am hooked on coffee groups, they are SO MUCH FUN and zero pressure for everyone! If your baby is upset, they just have a break while one of their friends gets their photos taken. If they really, really, really don’t want to baby model that day and we don’t get any photos you love (this has never happened!) then you’ve had a fun morning out and free morning tea with your friends – awesome! 

Meet Roman, Mason, Lukas, Greyson, Evelyn and Beau, the babies that started it all! 


Adorable baby chaos! I would love to hold a coffee group for you and your friends, come and eat croissants with me and let me snuggle your beautiful babies! x

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